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Asharq Al-Awsat

Narendra Modi: A Study in Polarization

Mumbai, Asharq Al-Awsat—As India’s 800-million-plus voters began the six-week process of electing the country’s next government on Monday, one name was on the lips of every journalist, diplomat and political…

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Lapido Media

India: People’s movement marches to victory

Recalling the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, 50,000 mostly lower-caste Indians marched over 120 kilometers to secure a comprehensive government agreement on land reform. A ten point document in lieu of…

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South Asia Magazine

The New Big Four

As US troops in Afghanistan begin their pullout drill, countries in the region are lining up to fill the impending vacuum. Notwithstanding oft-repeated concerns for stability and security, a power…

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Global Asia

Blood in the Jungle: India’s War Within

A GROUP of burly young men, camouflaged in army fatigues, run through obstacles as they train at the Counter Terrorism and Jungle Warfare College on a recent day in Chhattisgarh’s…

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The Diplomat

Terrorism Down, But Not Out

Almost ten years into a full-on war on terrorism in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda has been dispersed. Indeed, the United States is now confident enough that it has dealt a significant…

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